04 July 2009


28 June 2009

NYP Judo Camp Day 1

13 January 2009

Got some of this photos from a friend
Thanks for those that came and help out on thurs and sat!!!
these are the photos;

BY Ahermmmmmmmmmmmm

25 December 2008

Wishing all members of NYP Judo Club a merry christmas!!!!!!!
ps. 'presents' to be collected at next training :P
lots of love,

21 December 2008

Photos taken during Sensei's xmas dinner~
20th December 2008

The 3 ladies at the dinner~
our nyp judo table~
all dressed to their nicest :)

our lucky guy who won a hamper..
his ticket was no. 99 haha

the club with sensei and the hamper. :p
the room is filled with martial artist
from differentmartial arts..
judo, jutjitsu, aiki-jitsu,karate,krav mega~~~
so yeah.. pity anyone who trys to make trouble there..
i am sure everyone enjoyed the night
eating and dancing with people
that has the same interest as you..
(sensei was dancing with us girls ya know!)
and those who couldnt make it this year.
must go next year yea?
see you next year..

08 December 2008

Club Outing at sentosa ( no more package)

Club Outing at sentosa ( no more package)

Greetings to everyone in the club!

Encouraging everyone to come as it will be fun to get/play along together...

Date will remain the same on 13 December, Saturday .....yeap!
Instead of the package as mentioned earlier on by Lynn..we will just go sentosa and play with games over there and any things we can do over there...

such as?

Volleyball? frisbee? Bury someone whoever going to be late? .. etc..

Great bonding session ya!!

last but not least..

Please don't forget to reply thru tagboard or msn or sms to me/lynn (preferbly by tagboard) if you are coming

should there be any enquires please feel comfortable to ask on tagboard or msn/sms

Guo Ying

04 December 2008

Hey peeps.!
For those who want to go to the christmas party, please confirm with me by tomorrow via sms or calling me..
For those who don't have my number, its 91559569..
I will collect the money from u guys preferably next week..
Those who back out last minute and not pay when i already confirm your names.. .. YOU DIE.. haha..


26 November 2008

Judo Training Updates...

Hey hey....
Updates on the training at school.
Judo official have come to a break,
for the entire month of December.
Training will be resuming from Jan'09.
First Wednesday of the month.

But there is some events coming up
for the club,
such as Sentosa outing on the
13th Dec,
Sensei's Xmas party on the
20th Dec.
Change of prices, the party will be SGD$20
for NYP judokas.
Payment is done before hand.

So try to attend both if possible.
Cause it is gng to be fun.

Details on this 2 events is in the PREVIOUS post.
Check it out yourself.
Latest confirmation is on 6th Dec.
Sentosa; inform me or lynn.
Xmas party; to lois.


22 November 2008

Sentosa Outing 2008~~~

attention judokas!
will be planning an outting to Sentosa in december
around 13th december!
planning to buy the holiday tickets at $33.90
for 3 experience-attractions
1 adventure-attraction
(i seriously recommend the luge rides.. damn fun! like driving harley davidson. lol)

it will be an outing to full of fun and laughter!
kindly tag your response or tell me directly yeah?
you guys know which number to dial to get me :)

16 November 2008


X'mas Invitation

Here's a invitation to you guys out there~
Its from Sensei Chee,
inviting us down to his X'mas party this year.
Details are all in the picture.
*Click to expand picture*
Price per head: SGD$20

Hope you guys could attend to his party.
It definitely will be fun..
Register your answer to Lois before 5th December 2008.

/PS. Lois, you are in charge of this. Take note!